Bix The Rabbit | Identikit
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In two words     Bix is a rabbit. (well, I know, these are four words!)


Essay-ish     Bix is a very interesting semiological venture: signs that are designs that are signs. There are overlapping layers of meaning: playful on the surface, but mixing serious and humorous, sacred and profane…


By numbers     Bix is an extraordinary character with 100 faces; wait, 101; hold on, 102; gosh, 317; 624, 792…Anyhow, there’s design, products, exhibitions and so on and on and on.


Potentially     Bix is ready to expand its reach, he can do more, he can give more. The operation has reached full artistic maturity and now we need critics to criticize, galleries to exhibit, magazines to show, instruments to expand, transmit, amplify. And, let’s face it, XXI century merchants in the temple are welcome. We have imagination ready to sell.